Please take some time to listen to this KCRW program, focused on design entrepreneurship in LA- primarily around Art Center’s relationship with IdeaLab and the Design Accelerator.

Many design grads no longer dream of employment in a large corporation. Carren Jao reports on Art Center’s Design Accelerator, an effort to turn its students into entrepreneurs. With Lorne Buchman, Mark Breitenberg, Bill Gross, Gabriel Wartofsky, Elizabeth Neigert, Bob Van Der Woude and Jacques Perrault. Plus, Matt Holzman reports on another LA project that was Never Built: DisneySea.


Successful day of test rides- the most cautious person in the group got on and ended up riding the longest! Look at that wave!



We’re mentioned in an article about the Navy giving Hawaii $30M to fund clean-tech start ups…

From the remodelista blog, sent to me by Gabriel Goldberg

“Bicycle Taxidermy was a side project born out of too many sleepless nights at the Royal College of Art and a homesickness for the rugged Highlands,” founder Regan Appleton says. “It began when I created a memento mori out of my father’s prized but long discarded mountain and road bikes.”

Appleton provides what he calls a “taxidermy service,” mounting client’s steeds on a scorched or bleached European oak plaque “made by Mick, a local joiner. The plaque is engraved with the horned beast’s model, pet name, dates ridden, and commemorative years.” Alternatively, you can order a premade mount in a variety of handlebar styles; visit Bicycle Taxidermy to see the current offerings.


Just Off The Pilot Production Line

Spread the Word! Take a look at what Conscious Commuter has been participating in with the PICHTR Energy Excelerator!

ADX Fabrication Services (@ArtDesignPDX) posted a short blog about ADX Portland assembling Conscious Commuter’s first production run of e-bikes.

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Conscious Commuter recently enlisted ADX fabrication services to produce a first production run of their new electric assist commuter bicycles.

Inspired by their own commuting experiences throughout the world, Bob Vander Woude, a successful serial entrepreneur, and Gabriel Wartofsky, an award winning mobility designer, share a common vision of improving the way we commute. They incorporated Conscious Commuter Corporation in Portland, OR. in June 2011.

Since then the company has developed three generations of prototypes, incorporating patents and bicyclist feedback from riders. They launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, garnering great press, and pre-selling bikes.

Conscious Commuter’s goal is to re-acquaint people with the joy of the daily commute, wherever it may take you—to your office or to the market. They aim to do this by creating desirable, elegant, and responsible mobility solutions that empower commuters to diversify the way they get around.


Currently, ADX is assembling 35 first production Model Ce bikes. Conscious Commuter has also prototyped a folding version of the same bike, which—when folded—will be small enough to check as airline luggage.


Max, pressing headsets in the Conscious Commuter Ce frames

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