14″ wheels vs. 20 ” wheels-

Wheel Size-the topic of my day.

My father, super-sized in every way, made me promise him that our bike role on wheels larger than the Brompton’s:

When I asked how much bigger, his reply sounded much like that of an elderly lady ordering a deli sandwich portion at Canters: “Not too big, Not too Small.”

While the Brompton does very well with 14″ wheels,  most people I’ve encountered, including my father, wonder about the performance of such smallness.

During my time in DC, pre-conceived notions of a fragile, jarring, squirrely ride kept several friends and family from getting on the bike- even if this may not be the truth.

Will our design bow to these pre-conceived notions? Is it valid to design a bike based on first impressions?

While the Brompton proves it’s abilities, and warms on people gradually, maybe a design that gives instantaneous confidence to the naive rider is a path worth going down.