Meet Ed, the Art Bike Welder, whose pedal-powered Caravans and Frankenbike’s  have become a fixture at Burning Man.

Need a handcrafted coat of Armour, lined with LED’s? How about a fully suspended Frankenbike, complete with mutant double frame, customized lattice forks, full suspension and a tractor seat? Ed’s your man.

Here he is, posing behind to one of his prior creations he rode during this year’s CycLAvia (

 It’s both beautiful and functional:  it maintains a perfect balance when lifted, and its beautifully crafted suspended front fork make the ride as smooth as a sunny Sunday. The bike caused many accidents, mainly between fellow bikers who couldn’t take their eyes off his ride.

 Detail Shot:

Ed is taking charge on the initial frame tube bending for the first prototype- a non-articulated ergonomic study we hope to have completed within  a matter of months. 

Here, he poses with the first experiemental frame bend he’s done. It looks a lot like the smile on my face after seeing it in the flesh.

The tube is 12 gauge, to ensure strength; we plan to widdle down the weight once we get the geometry correct.

More to come!