Our local talent, Ed (welder/supermodel/social lubricator),  is currently working on the rear frame section of prototype #1- the ‘Frankenbike’.

The objective of this bike is to prove out the fundamental frame geometry of the design, and to act as a testbed for evaluating different component geometries.

We expect to present this Frankenbike #1 at the Art Center Advanced Transportation Summit is in September

After we’ve proven the basics, we are moving onto the first folder: which we hope to have ready for the Art Center Car Classic in October.

Here are some process photos Ed’s passed onto us: bending the frame tube, matching it to blueprint, wearing amazing jacket, posing with yet another cool Frankenbike doublehigh art bike he’s working on…


Bending. It takes about 14 consecutive passes to get the desired shape.

More Bending…



First prototype frame run

Ed + Frankenbike + Social Lubricant = Timeless photo