Yesterday’s event at the Portland Art Museum was fantastic- thank you to everyone who showed up! We displayed the bike, gave people test rides, and gathered a lot of valuable user feedback from a diverse group of people- our count was between 150-200 people.

Most of the questions revolved around the topic of battery range, and throttle vs. pedal assist. Some people valued a lightweight commuter for short distances, while others value an e-bike that takes them longer distances.

Our Prototype #001 was outfitted with a LiPo 36 volt, 10 ah battery, capable of 15-20 miles per charge. it had a 350 w motor, and a throttle assist system.

We are discussing the possibility of offering an initial internal battery with the bike, with the option to outfit the bike with auxiliary external batteries for long distance hauls.

In regards to throttle vs pedelec: the main difference between these two systems is the way the electric motor assists you: a throttle system assists independent of your pedaling, while pedal assist measures the torque/ effort you are pedaling, and kicks in when it senses a change in the force you pedal (when you reach a hill). Throttle is more effortless, but energy intensive, while pedelec requires effort on your behalf in the name of increased battery range efficiency.

People came back from their test ride with a smile on their face every time.