Today I met with American film maker and EV fan Chris Paine at his Marrakesh House– a mid-century modern house he’s converted into a eco-conscious living quarters/ event space.

Symbolically located on the very oil fields that fueled World War II, it’s an artistic haven filled with fossil counter tops, Morrocan-inspired art, chickens and a gazebo made from reclaimed wood, found art and an on-site vegetable garden.

Chris and Co. took a zip on Prototype #001. Amidst a garage full of Teslas, Volts, Best Buy E-bikes and Burning Man vehicles, they returned from their rides convinced that this was ‘the next thing’.

Thank you, Chris, for your time and tour!


Counter tops made from fossils of some of the oldest living gilled organisms


Gazebo made from wood from trees that died onsite, art made from found objects, hand painted graphics


Chris, myself and Prototype #001