We are partnering with Art Center College of Design on a booth at this weekend’s Design Fair at Stanford.

In their words, The Stanford Design Fair is as follows:

What is the Designer Fair? Think “science fair” but for designers building cool things all over Silicon Valley and beyond. Last fall we were jam packed with hundreds of attendees including designers from top companies like Google, Facebook, Palantir, Twitter, Groupon, Pinterest, Evenbrite, IDEO, Pulse, Yammer, Bump, Twilio, Khan Academy, Rockmelt and more. This time, we’re encouraging even more students and designers looking for opportunities to attend and present their work. Unlike conferences, we hope everyone will bring work to share in a fun and casual setting. There will be two rooms, one for people to demo on tables and another for short presentations. We expect an array of young to seasoned designers to attend along with select hackers, consultants, startups and investors.