By Published: March 29

You hear him first, usually pumping to Chuck Brown’s unofficial D.C. anthem “Bustin’ Loose” or an old standby like Kool & the Gang’s “Too Hot.”

And then you see him: Music Man, riding his tricked-out “boombox bike” along Georgia Avenue near Howard University.

(Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST) – George Whitlow, a.k.a. Music Man, first started rigging up his bikes with boomboxes a few years ago.
On this cold March afternoon, Music Man, a.k.a. George Whitlow, 65, is pedaling along on one of his eight bicycles. This one has a homemade speaker and CD player system in a box rigged up on a rack on the back; red flashing lights surround the boombox.
He rides over to Columbia Heights, parks in the square near the Giant supermarket across from the towering Target and lets the song “Celebration” flow over the neighborhood. Some young people tug off their ear buds. Heads start bobbing.Celebrate good times, come on! Commuters lugging grocery bags and rushing home after work stop to take it in.

“He just makes me feel good, and this city is so stressed out right now — about the budget, about jobs,” says Aleecha Adams Jackson, 47, who stops to dance with Whitlow, now off his bike and playing another Chuck Brown hit, “Blow Your Whistle.”

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